Jesus Cares Ministry
St. Paul’s Jesus Cares Ministries.  Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) assists our congregation in reaching out to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   Specific Bible study materials have been developed for the JCM program.  The schedule includes Worship at the Cross services which follows a simplified format appropriate for people with a cognitive disability, including people with forms of dementia.

We invite you to join our JCM staff.   Saturday, Aug. 29 from 9 – 10:30 a.m. The JCM staff meets to organize and plan for the 2015-16 classes.  The JCM classes meet the 2nd and  4 th Saturdays of each month (Sept. – June).  For more information contact Pastor Roger E. Woller em. 386-0323 or e-mail     Join us on Sat.  Aug. 29th and become part of St. Paul’s JCM team.  If you can only come once to help when the JCM Class meets that would be great. 

You can visit the Jesus Cares Ministries website for more information.