The Church Library is located at the north end of the church narthex. It contains over 2400 books, tapes, computer games, CD’s, videos, and DVD’s to support and encourage the Christian lifestyle. The library includes resources on such topics as Prayer, Marriage, Family, Parenting, Devotions, Bible Study, Cults, Grief, Christian Living, Children’s books, Teen books and Fiction. The library is open whenever the church is open.  

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All materials may be borrowed for two weeks. Borrowing an item is easy. After making your selection, remove the card from the back of the book or video, fill in your name and due date, and place the card in the small box on the table. When returning the book or video, simply place it in the "Book Return" box.  If you have further questions regarding the library you can contact the staff advisor, Pastor Wong



Library Computer
The card catalog is kept on the church library, making it easy for you to specific titles or general subjects. The computer is also connected to the internet and is available for all members to use. 



Book Sale
Once a year, the library committee hosts a Northwestern Publishing House Book Sale. It is an opportunity to display and sell Christian books. All proceeds from the sale are used to purchase more books for the Church Library. The book sale is usually held in early December.