Quilting Group

Our Quilting Group is a very dedicated group of ladies. They cut, sew and tie quilts which are donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester, MN for cancer patients who are mainly children or to needy families as a mission project.

Everyone is welcome to join us, if you can cut fabric and tie knots you have the skills that are needed to join us.  What a wonderful way to fulfill God’s command “If you help those who are the least, you are also helping Me”.  It gives all of us a good feeling to know we are helping those in need. 

Fabric donations are always welcome.  Memorials are also welcome, that way you are giving twice, once as a memorial for a loved one and also to a child dealing with cancer at the Ronald McDonald house when they receive one of our quilts.


The Quilting Group meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 6 pm in the church basement. If you have any questions regarding the quilting group, please contact the staff advisor, Mark Probst.