Fellowship Group
St. Paul 's Fellowship Group is a gathering of St. Paul 's members who enjoy getting together and spending time with Christian friends doing various activities with people who have the same Christian values. All members, ages 0 – 99 of the congregation are a part of the Fellowship Group and we encourage everyone to participate in the activities. It is a nice way to learn who your church members are and to form lasting friendships with good Christian people. 

Activities we have done include a bike ride, moonlight hayride, Christmas caroling, fish fry dinners, potluck dinners and game nights.  Tours are a part of the fellowship opportunities. These tours consist of one-day tours, three-day tours and occasionally a week-long tour.  

Check the Fellowship Board in the Commons hallway for upcoming activities and plan to attend as many of them as you wish.  

The Fellowship Group Planning Team consists of Dean and Joanne Lavitschke, Bruce and Arlawayne Boerner, Darryl and Audrae King, Steve and Joyce Oachs and Cathy Probst.  The staff advisor to the Fellowship Group is Mark Probst.