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St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

304 Monroe Ave
North Mankato, MN  56001


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What is Scrip?
Scrip is Fundraising while you shop.

How do I use Scrip?
Scrip comes in the form of giftcards the can be used at your local merchants.

Where can I use Scrip?
Scrip can be purchased at the church office for the vendors below or can be ordered for many other stores at www.glscrip.com.

Cub            Hy-Vee           Kwik-Trip    
Applebee's   Godfathers      McDonald's
Panera        RedLobster/Olive Garden    
Walgreens   Wal-mart/Sam's Club

When and where can I purchase Scrip?
Scrip can be purchases at the Church office the first and third Sunday of each month and the Saturday before the first and third Sunday. 

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