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Our Worship Times
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Non-Summer Services
Saturday 5:30 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM
Sunday 10:30 AM

Easter Sunday Sunrise 7:00 AM
Easter Festival 9:00 AM
Easter Festival 10:30 AM

Summer Services
(Memorial Day - Labor Day)

Thursday 6:30 PM
Saturday 5:30 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM
Sunday 10:30 AM

Midweek Advent Services  
Wednesday 4:00 PM at St. Paul's                                                            
Wednesday 6:30 PM at St. Paul's

Lenten Midweek Services
Wednesday 4:00 PM at St. Paul's                                                            
Wednesday 6:30 PM at St. Paul's

First and second Sundays and preceding Saturday

Sunday School
9:15 AM-10:20 AM
Bible Classes
Current Class schedule

TV Services
Mankato CCTV: Cable Channel 13
Tuesday 2:15 PM, Wednesday 5:30 PM

Also available on demand at Access KTV.


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Today's Devotion
Faith Related Q and A
» My family and I are new members of an LCMS church. Our congregation recently voted to call a female Director of Christian Education (DCE). This decision has angered my wife and me because this allows a young unmarried woman to lead and teach our confirmed teenage boys, young adult men, and adult small groups. My wife and I don’t believe this is faithful to Paul’s instruction to the Corinthians forbidding a woman to “teach or hold authority over a man”. And yet the LCMS has maintained this practice for about 50 years. What is WELS' position on female lay teachers? Does WELS have a position concerning the practice of female “DCEs”?
» I often read in Christian publications and in our own WELS literature the phrase "for Jesus' sake." This often appears at the end of written prayers and in the prayers said at the altar in my home church. I really bristle at this. For Jesus' sake? Really? He is holy and gave us eternal life through His holy blood. Jesus doesn't need us to pray for him. It is we poor sinners who need prayers of intercession. As a life-long WELS member, I finally have to ask, what does this phrase mean, as I obviously am missing the meaning?
» How does the WELS promote active participation in prayer? Much of our service is so scripted (all for good reason I know) and so are additional prayers for before and after Communion, baptism, opening/ close of day, or before dinner. I think back to my WELS grade school days - our devotions and our Christ-Light book prayers were scripted as well. It is one thing to have prayer examples so that something important in our prayers to God aren't missed, but I'll speak for myself, and likely others, that it is so repeated that sometimes I fail to focus, to listen, and truly pray from the heart. I can't help but see a disconnect. My point is that the WELS is near and dear to my heart, and has given me a heart for Jesus, but I believe that we aren't taught to actively pray to the Lord. I don't understand why other denominations or non-denominational individuals feel so free to pray off the cuff. Are there any initiatives on this? If not, I'm strongly interested in hearing your comments. Thank you!
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